Jobs and Volunteering

Our Choir is a place for talented people, both on- and off-stage.

Our employees and volunteers hit all the right notes. Artistic and business professionals ensure our Choir excels in voice and music instruction, choir accompaniment, organizational management, communications, and group coordination. Each person is outstanding in his/her role, and together our team works with passion and harmony to further day-to-day operations or special areas that are vital to our students, families, and community.

View the work, volunteer, or internship opportunities below, or contact our Executive Director to discuss how you can get involved.

A place for professionals in the business of making music.

Administration of our busy Choir includes duties related to choral instruction, musicianship theory and education, chorister group management, executive oversight, communications, and business operations.

For general applications, please contact our Executive Director to express your interest in future opportunities.


Being part of our administration or volunteer teams comes with the automatic benefits of developing a new interest, learning (a lot) about music, honing business skills, participating in Choir events, and having a positive impact on dozens of young people.