OCEAN WORLD June 4th, 2019

Join us for an extraordinary musical adventure….
It has been said “Ocean” would be a more fitting name for our planet than “Earth”, because more than two-thirds of its surface is covered by bodies of water. The World Wildlife Fund commissioned Ocean World almost 30 years ago to help educate youth and their communities about the beauty and the fragility of the ocean and its inhabitants.   This musical is a series of twenty-four songs interspersed with seven narrations. It describes the eventful journey of a humpback whale and her calf as they travel from the breeding grounds of the southern coral reefs to the cold waters of the northern seas. The mother whale introduces us to her magical ocean world but, as she and her calf draw near to their northern feeding grounds, the man-made difficulties they encounter become ever more serious.  
 We now know that today’s young generation is the first to be directly affected by climate change and its drastic effect on our oceans. It is also perhaps the last generation who will be able to do something to change it.   Our children want to take action and they want us to listen.



The Victoria Children’s Choir is considered to be one of the top choral and music organizations in the city, and is highly respected for its consistent professional level of performing music throughout the Concert Season.

Under the instruction of Founder and Artistic Director, Madeleine Humer, and an expert music team, the Victoria Children’s Choir offers outstanding music education to more that 115 youth throughout Greater Victoria.  Great emphasis is given to delivering programs in a unique, supportive and happy social environment, enabling each young singer to develop their skills to the best of their ability.  As a testament to its reputation and skill, the Choir is regularly invited to collaborate with renowned international and local musicians, including the Victoria Symphony, Pacific Opera Victoria, The Tenors, Fretwork and the Pacific Baroque Festival.